Ask why instead of what – that was the advice from Ian Edwards one of the speakers at our last club meeting when he gave a talk about networking for entrepreneurs.

So many people, he said, when they get into conversations at networking meetings ask “What do you do?”

The result is that people tell you – at great length. They list everything!

But there is a different conversation to be had if you change the question and ask – why do you do what you do?

Listen carefully to the replies to this question because the chances are that people will still tell you what they do.

And if people can’t pinpoint exactly why they do what they do – then there is another question to be asked. That is, why do they do it?

It all comes down to WHY?

The trials and tribulations of being a manager and leading multiple teams led to an examination of the differing leadership styles in the next set speech by Alistair Driscoll.

Understanding group dynamics and adjusting your leadership style accordingly is a key skill for a manager who has diverse teams.

This was a fascinating insight into being a leader and what it takes to drive and motivate diverse groups to achieve key outcomes.

From ignorance to competence was the journey we were taken on by Rick Cooper who, as our third speaker, explained how to coach a new member in the complexities of one of the important club roles.

Enthusiasm alone is not enough. He explained the learning curve that we all have to go through as we take on the challenge of learning new roles and skills.

He also explained that it had to be a two way process with the coach getting as much fulfilment and enjoyment from the process and the person being taught.

The fascinating thing about club nights is not only are we learning the art of public speaking.

We do it in a fun and friendly environment – and we get to hear a wide range of talks on subjects that are as fascinating as they are diverse in nature.

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