One of the best

Voice of Wales is one of the best speaking groups in the south of the United Kingdom.

For that we have to thank our founder Jan Collings.

This was done eloquently by David Sands when he demonstrated a ‘speaking in praise’ speech by honouring the club’s founding member.

One of the benefits of joining a Toastmasters International club is that you get many opportunities to practice speaking.

Along the way you also get the chance to practice specific types of speeches.

David spoke about Jan the person, her work in setting up the club and its growth over the past decade.

It now rates as a top-class group and we have much to thank and be grateful for to a very special lady.

Marilyn Bryan-Jones is undertaking the Effective Coaching learning pathway.  In a project about understanding your leadership style she spoke about her work as a netball coach with young people and how she not only teaches the skills of the sport but has to manage the aspirations of parents.

In a talk entitled ‘Does loyalty have a price or a worth?’ she explained in her natural exuberant style how she manages those sometimes, conflicting interests.

As one of the club’s senior members Rick Cooper is working on an optional Pathways Mentor Programme.

His talk ‘Holding the ladder’ described how he is helping a newer member work through the learning programme. With a great use of metaphors he painted a brilliant verbal picture of the role of a mentor and the satisfaction of seeing that person gain confidence and grow.

The impromptu speaking section of the meeting is always great fun. Led by Matt Davies with his own brand of dry humour it had a distinctly Christmas theme.

Topics ranged from a continuing belief in Santa, to desired Christmas meal guests, secret santa presents, best memories and favourite presents.

Speaking for up to two-minutes on a topic that you have had no time to prepare for is a skill in its own right. But it is often something thrown at us in real life situations.

This part of the meeting is always lively and we learn a lot from watching the way in which some of the more polished speakers approach the task.

There are definite techniques that you can employ in these situations which make impromptu speaking far more comfortable.

Why not make a visit to our club one of your new year resolutions?

Our next meeting is Thursday January 9th, 2020 in the Sessions House in Usk at 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start.

It is free to come as a visitor.

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