Adapt and change

In these uncertain times we are all having to adapt and change the way we do things.

Voice of Wales is no different and we have just completed our first online speakers meeting – and a great success it was too.

Was it different – yes.

Did it lack a little in atmosphere – well yes.

Did we all enjoy it nevertheless – unreservedly.

We started with an explanation of how the new protocols would work and the dived straight into our impromptu speaking session.

This is where someone in the audience gets asked to speak for up to two minutes on a subject that is picked for them ‘on the spot.’

In our physical meeting this means you normally get a minute or two thinking time as you walk to the front of the room to ‘take the stage.’

Online we didn’t have this luxury.

So it was a whole different challenge that we had to rise to.

We had two visitors coming to the club for the very first time. One of them took part in this section of the meeting and won the award for giving the best ‘off the cuff’ talk.

It’s brave putting yourself forward to speak in a room full of ‘speakers.’

It’s even braver doing that in a totally new environment.

We had prepared speeches from Darryl Osborne and Alistair Driscoll taken from their online learning programmes.

Darryl is on Level One of the Presentation Mastery option and his criteria was to present a talk on any topic. He chose a motivational story about the journey of life using a metaphor of a long Trans-Siberian train journey he undertook.

Alistair is on Level 3 of the Visionary Communication pathway and was tasked with developing a communication plan. His talk was about the process, benefits and impact of the plan. His content was around how to encourage members to take up club committee roles and the benefits of doing so to both the club and the individuals.

Everything in the club is evaluated  and it is that feedback which helps everyone improve and develop.

It was certainly a different meeting but one that we all thoroughly enjoyed.

If you would like to learn the skills of public speaking without leaving home come and join us at our next meeting. Keep in touch with us on our Voice of Wales facebook page.

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