‘Drastic’ – that could sum up our most recent online Voice of Wales meeting.

We always have a word of the day at our sessions and the idea is to try and use it in whatever role we are undertaking on the night.

Whether it is a two-minute impromptu speech, a seven-minute pre-prepared speech, an evaluation or one of the other roles undertaken on the evening we have to try and work in that word.

Drastic was the word chosen by our grammarian whose other function is to spend the evening looking out for good uses of language and phrases.

The meeting structure helps us to become adaptable and responsive to a wide variety of speaking situations and to think on our feet.

There are many techniques for speaking when occasions like this arise and we get to practice and refine them in the safety of our club meetings.

This is just one example of the way in which we work and it provides not only a challenge but a great deal of fun.

The Voice of Wales is ranked in the top ten of clubs in the southern half of the UK.

While we have a number of experienced and award-winning speakers amongst our members we also have a number of people who are in the early stages of their Toastmaster International journey.

Toastmasters is an international not for profit educational organisation which promotes public speaking and leadership skills.

It has an online learning programme which provides a series of programmes each one designed to develop speaking skills in a particular direction that suits individual needs.

We have adapted our meetings to work online and we are refining our skills at doing this all the time.

With the current lockdown and the restrictions on group meetings looking likely to last for some considerable time into the future now is a great opportunity to join us – from the comfort of your own home.

We meet at 7.15pm on the second and fourth Thursday each month.

It is free to come as a visitor – so why not give us a try.

For more information contact Marcus at : mgrodentz@aol.com

It’s not a drastic action to take.

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