Why Toastmasters?

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A personal view by Catherine Williams

Voice of Wales, a great Toastmasters club. As a founder member of the club, I joined when the late Jan Collins formed a Toastmasters club for Wales called Voice of Wales and my, what a journey this has been not only for me also the club.

My decision to join Toastmasters was a wise one and once within the club, over time, I became a more successful person by being able to organize better, present more clearly and confidently, listen critically and lead others.

Fun whilst learning

I found the club an enjoyable place to learn whilst having fun along the way. It improves your speaking skills, with members of Toastmasters having the right supportive attitude and getting involved in all aspects of club activities.

What I didn’t expect whilst being a member of the club is the way you learn new skills which are so important for work. The greatest tool is your voice and when you address an audience your mind, your body and your voice act as partners in your effort to communicate with your listeners.

Learn from other members

What I also enjoyed learning is listening.  Listening to others when speaking, the use and tone of voice, the use of words the way they come across.

The big challenges that I overcame is walking into a room full of people and just talking and learning new skills with the right people which with the help I had has been very good, lots of support and feedback with knowing at the next meeting you will have another go at it.

Great mentoring

The club also provides great mentoring support. The mentoring I’ve received has been an important part of toastmasters, more so with doing the various roles.

Within a club like Toastmasters you learn a lot more than you would in a normal work place as you get positive feedback and support, just doing the roles in the club you are learning new skills.

Improves self-confidence

My friends have notice how toastmasters has help me to develop within myself, improve my self-confidence at work. I’m more outgoing and better with people. I’m now much more able to think quickly and clearly under pressure.